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mbear's picture mbear

I'm in complete agreement. I've always felt badly for the kid who's strapped into the harness/leash combo. I'm thinking the inventor was allergic to dogs and this was the next best thing for him or her!

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

I'm sticking to the lazy parent, theory. Or someone who didn't even like kids, really.

Faerluna's picture Faerluna

I must confess, I was a leash kid for awhile when we lived in the San Antonio area.

While I barely remember it, I don't think I've suffered any for it. However, I can see that this "keeping the kid on a short leash" idea played throughout my entire life until I finally moved away from home.

Even upon my first visit back I had to remind my mother that I had cut and burned that leash when I moved out of her house.

Now when I go back to visit, I stay at a hotel so I don't have to tempt my mother into telling her 37-year-old daughter that she's coming home too late. hah


Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

Yes - the hotel stay (for when parents visit you or when you visit the parents) is KEY. Of course, when our kids are old enough...Nevermind, I don't want to think about it.

gail's picture gail

I'm a short person, so holding a toddler's hand isn't a stretch for me, but I have a tall friend and her back would go into spasms when she walked with her little boy. I was so glad she figured out the leash thing. Of course, I was even gladder when he grew two inches and they could walk like normal people. Another friend (whose little boy just left my house a moment ago) is trying to avoid going into premature labor with #2. Leash. It saves her lumbering after the two year-old when he darts toward the street.

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

Can't argue with those reasons, Gail. As long as your friends are paying attention to their kids and not using the leashes as an excuse not to pay attention... There are always good reasons and exceptions for everything.

Crazymomof5's picture Crazymomof5

I never thought about leashes for kids...I never thought I would have 5 kids either. My youngest two children are 4 and 20 months. My 4 year old boy has Down Syndrome. I don't know if you know any kids with Down Syndrome, but if it takes 10 times to tell a typical child not to do something, it takes 100 or more for a child with Down Syndrome. He loves the wagon, but prefers to walk. I have practiced walking down our street with him every night...we live on a dead end street in the country, and he still doesn't listen. He might stop at his name and then turns and goes. And he runs! Most of the time he is looking at the ground. Of course my 20 month old wants to go to just as fast! I am pretty much raising the kids on my own as my husband is a truck driver and can only come home 2-3 nights a month with this economy. And I have decided recently to buy a leash for both the kids because we are going to the beach in August for 5 days and we like to walk on the promanade several times a day. And the leash will keep the kids from running into the many bikes, inline skaters, skateboarders, runners, and walkers and we won't feel like we have to chase after them all the time. So for those who think I am lazy and prefer to talk on the cell phone than watch my kids...spend one day in my shoes.