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I have seen/heard a child saying things an adult would say. He was an only child and spent lots of time with his step-Father. My guess is that he didn't get much "baby talk" when he was growing up. Nothing wrong with that, we got a kick out of how mature J. was.


There are a group of us ladies at work were we claim to have perfect children that are genuises. Of course, we are half-heartedly joking because we know our kids aren't perfect, but they ARE perfect to us. Maybe your "braggers" are expressing their "proud parent" moments a little too much.

Here's my Proud Parent alert:
My S. plays guitar too so that automatically makes him a ROCKSTAR (in my eyes).
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And sweet S. knows tons of Spanish. So that automatically makes him bilingual. Of course I'm just kidding, but S. is definitely an amazing kid (in my eyes) so I am more than likely to share all of his triumphs no matter how small they are, but I would never compare him to another child. Kids learn differently and are blessed in many different areas. But when I do come across a bragger, I give the praise they are looking for. But really I know S. is so incredibly perfect. LOL JK.