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MommaT's picture MommaT

How sad for that little boy. Wonder if their local MLB team could get involved to teach the kids a lesson about not giving up.

And what kind of message are the coaches of the forfiet team sending to their team?! You don't quit just because you don't have a chance.

I am on the fence on what sports I want to get S. involved in, simply because of the competitive parents. Parents ruin the fun a lot of the time, if they are too competitive.

In 1991, a Mom hired a hit man to kill her daughter's rival's mother so that she wouldn't run for cheerleader. (more here: Her daughter wouldn't have made the squad if the other girl tried out, so the Mom was trying to help her daughter. She wanted the best for her kid, but she crossed the line. I ended up have a couple of college classes with the Mom (after her first trial but before her retrial). She was a very nice person, I just think she used bad judgement. She ended up dropping a class we were in because she had to go to prison. Very strange situation. Anyway, you have to feel bad for the daughter because all she wanted to do was cheer.....

I know not all sporting experiences will be pleasant, but I don't think they'd be all that bad if the parents and coaches had a "just have fun" attitude. *And everyone go get your ice cream after the game!*

So I just read the whole article. I can understand the safety concern for the parents. But I wouldn't fault any kid for that, I'd pad them up even more than they already are. And perhaps the invitation to play on another league was a polite way of saying, you're going to get booted if you don't transfer. If the other league is willing to take him, and he still wants to play, then he should move. I do think politics are involved here, and that's very sad. I hope things work out for him.

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

The safety issue it the veil to hide behind. The fact that kids are using aluminum bats is the safety issue they should focus on. The kid hasn't hit any players. Fact is, a pitcher that throws pitches that can be hit with an aluminum bat is more dangerous than a kid throwing heaters...