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MommaT's picture MommaT

I'll take your challenge my friend! I am a sucker for movie trivia, ESPECIALLY 80's movies. So I belive Mr. Lloyd Dobler's (sp?) sport of the future was KICKBOXING. Which, really has become popular. Way to go Lloyd!

I didn't read the story, but I think the parents should set some goals and milestones for the kid. Enter some contests, if he wins, then he can stay out of school to "train." If he doesn't then, he should head back to school. I still think the kid should get his GED regardless of his "dream." What does this kid expect to gain from being the best guitar hero player ever? Didn't he see the South Park episode?

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

We have a winner... But you said it yourself about kickboxing (it really did go on to become popular)... Where should I send the book?

MommaT's picture MommaT

YAY! Thanks!!! My family never plays Scene It with me because they always lose. teehee!

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