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MommaT's picture MommaT

This is the first year in a long while that I've actually sat and watched the Olympics. Usually my TV watching consist of kidTV and, well I guess that's it. My 3yo son has watched some of the Olympics too and says he wants to do gymnastics & swimming. (YAY—things I enjoyed when I was a kid). S. just finished swimming lessons, so watching the swimming is an excellent example of "ice cream scoops" and how you are supposed to swim. I also think the Olympics is an excellent example of goal setting. These athletes train for years to do their specific sport—years of training for just a few minutes of "official" judging. That's pretty hard-core, takes lots of commitment and holds a tremendous amount of pressure (I'm sure). Anyway, I plan to use the Olympics as a teaching tool on how training and commitment can help you reach your goals. And I also plan to teach him that those athletes are normal people, just like you and me--they make mistakes in life, they sometimes take drugs that enhance their performance and they have to pay the price for that.

I think there will always be politics involved in pretty much everything and I also think the media ruins a lot of things by feeding people their political views. We rely too heavily on the media to educate us. Anyway....I'm enjoying the "show"--makes me want to work out more! :-)

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

Well by all means - get out there and work out! I understand all of your points and yes, some of the athletes are excellent examples for setting goals, working hard, achieving dreams, etc.

I've really tried to watch some of it, and even sat with K-Man, but it just didn't take for me. I've lost my Olympic spirit! ;-)