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What a great idea of having an off duty fireman/firewoman come to your home! We have a fire truck party for my son's 3rd birthday party and like you, we could not have the party at the firehouse but we could drop in....which is what we did. Actually, being able to get in the trucks and shoot the water out of the fire hose was very impactful. Not sure if he'll remember it when he's 20 but at least he remembers it now.

You can see photos from our fire house party at

Great comments. I think way too many parents try to outdo friends and don't focus on what will be fun for their own child to experience! Some kids just aren't in to the big parties. And that's O.K.!

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This is a great article!

A great place to share your birthday party planning ideas and tips is at

They have monthly contests offering great prizes in exchange for quality ideas and they’re also a great free resource for people to go and get ideas for their own party.

Be sure to check them out!