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smokey10's picture smokey10

How did you come to know these tales? I assume your parents read the stories to you. Why can't our children hear the same stories from us? These stories were not at the movies back when we were children. They were carried on through folklore and aren't dead unless we as parents don't carry on the tradition.

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

They absolutely can hear the "classic" tales from us. My point is simply that I had forgotten about them, as I got just as caught up in watching Cars and Finding Nemo. Certainly not the kid's fault! (I have made it part of my mission to end the long, pass-me-down-tradition of "Goodnight Moon," however.)

smokey10's picture smokey10

Yes, I agree. I had too until I read your blog and decided to purchase some classics. Especially Easops Fables! Remember those? I can't believe you are nixing Goodnight Moon! I read that every night. There is a parody on that book out- Goodnight Bush. It's pretty funny.