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MommaT's picture MommaT

Here here! I totally agree. I'm not watching it either, partly because of kidTV and XBOX 360, I never get the "good" tv but mainly because I think it's going to suck too. I think their character range is too wide--many differnt races, an adopted kid, a jock, a geek, a bad girl...the list goes on. I guess that mirrors reality, but I just am not digging it. Jeanie Garth as the school counselor? Very cheesy to me! I guess she's going to save the world because "she's been there, done that?" And I'm sure Andrea (don't know her real name) will make a cameo as some fancy editor. I can jut feel it! And I think it's wrong that Tori didn't get the same $$ as the others. Good for her for walking!

I'm not really into the whole boycotting groups or anything like that. I like to make my own decisions on what is acceptable to our family.

And for goodness sakes, please don't let the writers (or any one else) go on strike again--I "NEED" The Office this season!!! And January can't get here soon enough--Big Love! *that Bill Paxton is such a cutie!*

mommy3's picture mommy3

Why are you acting so surprised? This is hardly a new thing- I remember as far back to Tipper Gore fighting these types of battles. There's always one group or another complaining, which brings more attention to the show/artist/music which consequently increases the number of viewers thus the advertisers get more play. Everyone is safe because there are limits to what these shows can air in the first place. Everyone wins.

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

I didn't say I was surprised. Just said it annoyed me.