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Lindsay's picture Lindsay

I'm sorry to hear about your wallet getting ransacked. After reading this, I went and checked my wallet to make sure everything was were it should be. I used to work in a gym and this happened to a few members when I was there. It's scary to think your belongings aren't safe even when "securely" locked.

Especially in cities, thieves tend to hit up multiple places at a time. If a gym is hit, and they're lucky enough to get a picture of the thief on a security camera, they'll often send the picture out to surrounding gyms to keep an eye out. If you see a picture like this posted in your gym, take a few seconds to study it. I know of a few times a thief was caught because a vigilant gym member recognized him or her from their security camera mug shot.

andefrayser's picture andefrayser

I am so sorry to hear about what happened. We have had the same thing happen to us. What most people don't realize is that all you need to hack one of those locks is a piece of a soda can. They post the "how to" on You Tube. The police told us that locks only work to keep honest people out of your stuff. The best bet is to keep your valuables on your person.

I recently saw a product called the Identity Theft Protection Wallet that you can wear around your wrist or leg and it was waterproof. They also had one called the Leg Pocket that was leather. I am getting one for me and the rest of my family for when we go bowling or to open gym. The company's site is: if anyone is interested, I just hope that your article will help people not to have to learn the hard way.