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Sweet Pea Chef's picture Sweet Pea Chef

I'm not watching this year as much as in the past, but isn't Danny Gokey the one who lost his wife a few weeks before the show started?

Made me tear up when I saw the piece on that...

Mitch's picture Mitch

Why, Adam's performances have never been terrible!

Danny is the one who lost his wife before the show started. I'm actually a little impressed by how little the show's producers have played that up.

Mitch's picture Mitch

I did miss "Ring of Fire!" I realized I also was underwhelmed by his "Mad World."

And I thought that Adam's performance of "One" was truly terrible last night, but the judges disagreed.

Thought for sure Kris would be voted off after his bleh rendition of that OneRepublic song, but the Kanye song was a stroke of genius.