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Sweet Pea Chef's picture Sweet Pea Chef

I couldn't believe CC's contract either. I was sad when he left the Tribe, which essentially came down to a money issue for a less affluent team.

In the early 90s, I used to go the old Cleveland Stadium and for $4 you could buy same day general admission tickets. What's sad though too, is that amongst all the professional sports, baseball is probably one of the more affordable events to attend.

Even College Football is more pricey...we had student tickets to the Buckeyes last year and the ticket prices alone would have cost $200+ per game for a family of 4.

Todd Lieman's picture Todd Lieman

Yes, it's crazy insane. But, the sports of yesterday are LONG gone. Sports aren't a family game anymore. They are a corporate game. The question of, "what happens when nobody can afford to go..." is moot. We won't ever find that day...The Yankees are opening a BILLION dollar stadium...Citi (yes, Citi) is paying $400 million for the naming rights to the new Mets stadium...Doesn't matter what's happening in the world or the economy - sports are an escape and people will find their way to pay. And, when they don't...the corporations will. It's sad, but it's the very reason why my experience with sports growing up will be VASTLY different from K-Man's. It's not the same anymore. It's entertainment. It's business. Period.