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Beauty And The Beast Fashion's picture Beauty And The ...

It seems like Christmas starts earlier every year. It's hard to believe that Black Friday will be here in a few weeks!! I own a baby & kids store and I will be having black Friday sales at the beginning of November. Crazy how time flies.

pedwards's picture pedwards

I think it should be Christmas all the time! OK, joking. Seriously, I, personally, am a procrastinator. I usually don't do my Christmas shopping until December.

sp165309's picture sp165309

I started my layaway at that time and then got it out the beginning of November. I didn't have as much as other people ...most likely the way people spend anymore. I can't spend that way. But the reason I start earlier and earlier each year is bc I'm poor and frankly I don't want to go into major debt like everyone else....All I can figure that's the only way people can afford to have these lavish Christmas'.