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MollyK's picture MollyK

What about other prescription drugs? What is the school's policy on those? What if a child needed to take antibiotics or some other pill? Would the "no pill policy" apply? Some women take birth control for medical reasons not just to prevent pregnancy. There should be a set time for the student to visit the nurse to take their medicine/pills if it's a visibility issue they are concerned with. These are prescribed medications! I don't understand why they are being punished for that.

Mom of 4's picture Mom of 4

I agree that there will be times when students need to take Rx meds on a schedule. But the schools don't need to compromise their policies or controls. Our district allows prescription drugs to be dispensed through the school's nurse's office. Parents bring the needed portion of the prescription to the office and it's kept available for the nurse, or other adult, to dispense to the student as needed. Yet it is still kept secure and under the control of the school.