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fredofali's picture fredofali

I Got a new 18/8 food-grade stainless steel 100% BPA-free hydration bottle from Koozio. It’s great & it has no odors, no leaks & no roll-out edges. Very eco-friendly. I didn’t want to worry about aluminum or plastic. What if they lie again ? How do we know for sure ? The tests that they base these studies on are flawed & only test at per billion. Yet all the the top scientists are testing per Trillion & these tests are coming up positive. Come on people wake up. The FDA is relying on the flawed tests as well , because their pockets are being stuffed with cash. We must lookout for ourselves & be mindful that when money is at stake, people bend the rules …

SeattleReeds's picture SeattleReeds

This made me so angry. We just tossed ours.
I bought all new from this company Botl.
Great design options, sizes, shapes and colors. They even came with 2 cap options!

Mistrust and lies by Sigg will do them in.

julieFEN's picture julieFEN

Yeah, it's too bad that Sigg avoided the subject. They were such a popular trend. No doubt that their product popularity will diminish. I just bought an Aladdin brand coffee tumbler from Target that was BPA-free. It better be! It had a tag promoting it, but who knows now!