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Sweet Pea Chef's picture Sweet Pea Chef

Thanks for being a voice of reason in this swine madness. I have actually turned off the news because they tell you "don't panic!" but then report it in such a way as to make you feel as though this is *the* pandemic we've been dreading.

tom2000's picture tom2000

Hi I really thankful to you because you are simply greatI am very happy to post my comment in this blog. I gathered lot of information from this site.This is absolutely hilarious. I knew that swine flu was on to something... "actively targeting the core of TV's coveted adults 18-49 demographic." And that during May-sweeps! Isn't there anything holy anymore?!
Nice blog.


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julieFEN's picture julieFEN

Wow, the media is so skewed! The only thing I can think of is that Good Morning America is more newsy therefore leans towards keeping people in fear, where The View is more relaxed and of an entertainment show and wouldn't want to take on that perspective. It really tears people in different directions on how seriously (or not) to take this issue! Plus it really messes with that doctor's credibility. The shows could have been taped on different days as well. But still, lets get a story and stick with it!

julieFEN's picture julieFEN

Thanks for the nice words, I am glad you enjoyed it. The amount of time that is covered on this issue is incredible, and like you said, during the perfect time -- May-sweeps! Couldn't get any better! It's not like we are living through a bubonic plague with no modern day vaccines..or are we?! :)

tinatalk's picture tinatalk

I find it interesting that in our city, the doctors are saying that if you think you have the swine flu - call in - but stay home and treat it like a regular flu. hmmm - what is the fuss then? There have been a number of interesting information on the web about the swine flu, but what I think I learned the most is that vitamin D is really important in fighting off the flu and that studies have shown that people who get the flu usually don't have enough vitamin D (from winter months without sun) so be sure to take your vitamins.

I gathered a great list of useful information about the swine flu and also added some tracking sites to see how it is spreading. I put them in this livebinder which also includes that article about vitamin d. Just click on the link below to view.

Chris Siess's picture Chris Siess

1st the misinformation on (A) H1N1 is extraordinary. (A) H1N1 is not the Swine Flu as it is called here. Not one pig has had it. Nor has one human caught it from a pig. Ergo, not Swine Flu. (A) H1N1 is not the seasonal flu. It is the same strain that killed Millions about a 90 years ago and was then called "Spanish Flu". Also, (A) H1N1, contrary what this article states, which was made in April, has killed over 10,000 people in the United States. Reliable statistics are hard to come by, because the CDC halted the death count. Which should come as no surprise since they are the outfit that recreated it. As their own article made in 2005 proudly states.

Introduce the problem, turn it into a crisis then offer the profitable solution. Works every time. Unless people wake up and smell the coffins.