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Layla's picture Layla

It sounds like Stewart is trying desperately to get some attention--he certainly knows how to push your buttons! Maybe he feels that The Little One is hogging you. For the doorway problem, you might try covering the door frame with double-sided tape. They don't like the feeling of sticky stuff. Destructive behavior should certainly be discouraged -- but the meowing is tough, because he really may just be frustrated that the other guy is in your lap instead of him. Does anyone have any ideas for that one?

julieFEN's picture julieFEN

At first I had put carpet up on the door frame to just protect it. Now I have foil covering it (not as bulky and I don't think they like that either). Stewart has still tried to claw, but not as often. I tend to just keep my door shut, but at times I forget and he likes to take advantage.
I try really hard to give Stewart attention and talk to him, since he knows his name. But I also don't want to give The Little One a complex always pushing him out of the way. Stewart is also tough to pet, because he won't just lay on my lap like the Little One, he tends to move around and turn a lot.
I don't know what to do with these two boys :)

jsram666's picture jsram666

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