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Gabriel's picture Gabriel

The story with the old lady litterbug reminds me of two recent tales from my own life I’d like to share. First, I will mention that I currently live in Costa Rica and secondly that I live in San Jose where there is a lot of litter. This is not the case on the beaches, in the mountains, or pretty much anywhere that isn’t the city, but that’s not the point of my stories.

So, I was on the bus a while ago, casually people-watching my fellow bus riders, when I saw a little girl finish a bag of chips and try to give the trash to her mother. The mother then instructed her to throw it out the window. The girl followed orders and after watching the plastic bag disappear out the window, returned to her seated position with a big ole grin on. Ugh! -I was so utterly disgusted at the idea of a child being TAUGHT to litter.

My second story, which is much more encouraging, is about the exact opposite. I was sitting on a bench in town when I saw a mother and daughter walking down the street and the daughter took the last swig of her Coke. She placed the cap carefully back on the plastic bottle and tossed it right into the street. The mother swiftly grabbed the girl by the arm, gave her good talkin’ to, and sent the daughter right over to pick up the bottle. Ahhhh, my faith in humanity was restored!

Happy Earth Day everyone! If you get a chance, check out the environmental kids website Super Natural Adventures ( It features nature videos made by kids for kids. These kids have a great appreciation for the planet that will inspire viewers with an “Earth Day is every day” attitude!

julieFEN's picture julieFEN

Those are some great stories! Thanks for sharing! It is really sad how some parents don't take the time to teach children the right thing to do, even with simple things as throwing out garbage properly. That little girl will have no respect for the Earth or where she lives because she was taught it was okay to litter. But, to counteract that feeling, your second story does bring hope. All you have to do is pass down to your children the right thing, and the knowledge will continue to spread!