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yayi242004's picture yayi242004

this is awful...with my two children having severe food allergies. This seals the deal. I will homeschooling them. At the moment my oldest is attending a pre-school. Not very concerned there since my mom works there as well. But from next year on, i will be homeschooling. It amazes me the lack of parenting in this world.

Concerned_Individual's picture Concerned_Individual

You know, just because your kids have allergies doesn't mean they will get bullied..plus, with your ability to write it looks like they'll probably be a bit behind in English. Furthermore, by homeschooling your kids they will lose out on several social experiences/interactions that will make it harder for them to cope in the real world. Overprotective parenting is just as damaging as not parenting anyone at all. For goodness sake woman, your kids are in PRE-K! What bullies exist in kindergarten? Hmm? Were you homeschooled? Did you get bullied in Pre-K? How about kindergarten? Good parenting also falls under the category of helping your kids cope with problems they're having in school. Again, if they don't know how to deal with someone they have a problem with, they'll have a hard time when it happens to them when they grow up and go away from "momma's home highschool". Don't let the fear of other people govern your life, you'll just be giving the bullies what they want.

Salvador's picture Salvador

I definitely agree: "If you have nothing nice to say [or do], don't say it [or do it] at all." But then again, parents play very important roles to comfort their children. Bullying is common not just for kids.
Haley Salvador
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