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IvanGrier's picture IvanGrier

I definitely agree to that! It is not of our knowing most specially to the ones involve more which is the children and divorce itself will only be a tedious process the ex couple will undergo but the long term effect to the child on a situation in which couples still stick together even if the relationship is no longer healthy for the "sake of the child" not knowing that the pain it creates , seeing the parents fight almost everyday is like a ghost that will hunt a child's memory of a so called family.

1_Sick_Puppy's picture 1_Sick_Puppy

Divorce is very "Tough on the children" but if your marriage is not working these same children grow up seeing mom & dad NOT loving each other. While you are growing up you take in everything and think that "This is the way it should happen because that is what my parents did when I was growing-up. I know when I was young both of my parents had jobs outside of the home. But everyone had to work around the house. My mom & dad both worked very hard to make certain everyone had "Everything that was necessary to put us in a position to succeed in life".

Divorce is a "Very painfull experiance and it took me a few years to learn how to trust people again. The "Good Lord Blessed me with a wonderful wife"