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I'm more bothered by treating him like a rock star, giving him endless standing ovations and so much applause that he has to tell everyone to shut up. A little quiet respect will do. I felt this way with Bush, and I feel this way now. We'd probably be much better off if people had been a little ruder to Bush seven years ago.

The bigger problem with Wilson's outburst: he was wrong. The bill states unambiguously that no federal funding will pay for the health care of illegal aliens. He's flipped out like this before. In a 2002 CSPAN appearance, he accused a Democratic congressman of hating America because the Dem pointed out, correctly, that the US had supported Iraq's weapons programs in the 1980s.

Crazy, though. We just spent eight years being told that even the mildest criticism of the president's policies was treasonous (remember the Dixie Chicks?) by the very same people who today shout "YOU LIE!" at the president when he is standing on the floor of Congress, telling the truth.