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Michelle123's picture Michelle123

I like your tips, i give puzzles and coloring pages to my kid when he is board.

Chris T.'s picture Chris T.

I really like the idea of still finding time to spend with your kids when they're too sick to get out of bed. There's nothing more comforting that someone coming in to show you that they care about you. It's distracting and makes you feel good.

Familius's picture 16_chuddleston@...

what you should do when your child is sick at home is give him some soup don't let him/her drink orange juice. give him chicken soup. take his temp. every 2 hours to see if it has went down if not then take him to the doctor and see what else you can do for him... make sure he gets plenty of sleep also...

triciad143's picture triciad143

These are great ideas. Most kids are sick for more then one day, so we should keep them motivated so they wont get "out of the groove."