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mayamay's picture mayamay

Any self-reported data is suspect. The researchers could have concluded that the findings provide evidence that *recalling* physical punishment, separate from child maltreatment and abuse, is related to adult mental disorders, or another way of stating it, that those adults with mental illness were predisposed to processing the experience of physical punishment which occurred when they were children in such a way that they recalled it more accurately or more vividly than did adults without mental illness.

mayamay's picture mayamay

My objection to physical punishment is that it is not as effective as other discipline strategies.

lemonahardy's picture lemonahardy

Spanking not only lead to mental illness but also very bad for intestine.

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lovelife240's picture lovelife240

i was spanked as a child but not often, and i dont have a mental illness. i do know people though that were abused emotionally, physically, and sexually, they all have some probs like drugs and depression and also anger problems. so yes i would have to agree that spanking or physical abuse took to extreme or done to a child to often could def cause mental problems in the long run. not to mention a cycle of abuse for there next generation.