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johnCarl's picture johnCarl

Sperm banks are of great help for couples who want to have biological babies but just can't have one. But there's just a question behind the issue on denying redheads as sperm donors. I know nothing bad about redheads but it's really bad to know about the rising discrimination against them. Though they don't deserve it, redheads are often given a bad reputation for no purpose at all. Just recently, Danish sperm bank no longer takes donations from redheads. Red-haired contributors were recently told they were no longer accepted at the world's biggest sperm bank, and red head discrimination could be an actual phenomenon. Sad to admit but that's the truth. I just hope for fairness between all individuals because we are all created equal so let's treat everyone fairly.

lovelife240's picture lovelife240

cant believe what im reading, my two oldest childrens dad had red hair and i hoped to have atleast one red head freckled little girl or boy , but didnt lol. my oldest daughter on the other hand said that she was so glad her two girls werent born red heads. she said she would of died there hair. and also doesnt think red heads are attractive, i dont agree.