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rleome's picture rleome

Been wanting to try a stainless infant, so this is a great opportunity!

Neevis's picture Neevis

I would love the bottles have been searching for them but havent found them in stock anywhere yet!!!

MileyJ's picture MileyJ

I would L♥♥♥♥♥♥VE to win these water bottles! We live in Arizona and always can use water bottles to keep those icky plastic bottles out of the landfills. I would L♥♥♥VE to take the water bottles out for a walk, go hiking, or even go work in the garden. And my year old twins would L♥♥♥♥VE the handiness of such cool looking bottles! ☺

trakzrevis's picture trakzrevis

I have a huge family and when ever we leave the house all of us bring something to drink. Especially on long rides or in the summer. If I get picked one of each will go to the kids =]

agonzalez53's picture agonzalez53

Hi! I would really love to win things because I want to reduce the amount of plastic I use. This seems great for when I go out running or hiking and I would share the other two with my parents.

thanks for the opportunity !

KBarker's picture KBarker

i would love to win these bottles...because we no longer have recycling in our community...i have to drive to a drop off location to recycle and this would cut back on the use of plastic bottled water

albertaeb's picture albertaeb

I would love to win these water bottles. they would be great to take when we go out. they look like they would fit in cup holders too. thanks

tajlund's picture tajlund

I would love the silver one. Especially since I have now gone to a water dispenser instead of individual bottles.

caseyle2010's picture caseyle2010

i liked on facebook, and i would love to win this because i love the idea of stainless steel for children! plus theyre cute!

ducktorwho82's picture ducktorwho82

I like on FB. I've been meaning to switch to stainless steel water bottles, so I'd love to win these.