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AnnaliseWren's picture AnnaliseWren

I agree; ultimately it is a mother's choice and as a mother of two who chose both, I am grateful to have had access to an alternative when needed. However, there is ample evidence to support the benefits of breastfeeding. It would seem odd if all other mammals were discouraged from nursing their young and instead, encouraged to substitute something artificial that was cooked up in a lab. I don't view the Mayor's actions as extreme or as an attempt to admonish women for choosing formula. Rather, I view it as an honorable effort to educate and encourage women to seriously consider the benefits of the more "natural" choice without the "Big Money" formula companies presenting formula as equal to breast milk. I do think the scales need to be tipped back in favor of promoting nursing versus the hospitals pushing formula on new mothers simply because it requires less effort ($$) from hospital staff.

LilMama93's picture LilMama93

I think he was right doing that. I have a six month old son who I did nurse but he started refusing. I'm now exclusively pumping. All these formula companies and doctors try to sell new families on the benefits of formula and that it's like breast milk, but they never tell you the health risks you're putting your baby in. Read the ingredients. Do research on the ingredients. Take note, the higher up on a label the ingredient is, the more of it there is. And choosing to not breastfeed because it doesn't suit your lifestyle is in all honesty, lazy and selfish.