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Sweet Pea Chef's picture Sweet Pea Chef

Lindsay, G's preschool teacher and I were just talking about this study yesterday!

I hate to admit, R can surf the Internet, play his DS and work our DVR/TV and yet his shorts still sport velcro straps.

I had this moment of panic when he turned 7 last week that "oh my gosh, he is going to be in middle school and not know how to tie his shoes!" To that end, his next pair of shoes will have ties, not straps.

Oh, and I played lots of Oregon Trail in my school too!

Lindsay's picture Lindsay

It really is crazy how able kids are with computers...I think I'm pretty handy with them myself, but when I see a 2 year old with a smart phone, it definitely makes me feel inadequate!

It would be great if they brought Oregon Trail back...that was a great game! :)