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Laylas_momma's picture Laylas_momma

The Nursing Cover Duo's are so pretty and will come in very Handy thanks for the chance to win one! :)

susiel's picture susiel

I would love to win the Nursing Cover Duo!!!! I am expecting my 2nd child (a little boy) on Thanksgiving Day! I am going to be breastfeeding. My oldest son is almost 9 and I did not have the patience when he was born. But I have sooo much more patience now and realize how important it is for baby. I am going to make it work this time! :)

Maddysmom's picture Maddysmom

I would love to get a nursing cover. When out and about with my 8 week old son, this would come in handy and make my day easier. Anything that assists in making nusring easier is a blessing :)

heatherw03's picture heatherw03

I am a second time mom. My newborn is 5 weeks old. I love breastfeeding and would love a nursing cover as it seems everyone wants to visit at feeding time. :)

kayserfam's picture kayserfam

I bf my first for 8 months (on her own too) and I know I'll bf with my 2nd one due anytime now! My big advice to other moms who want to bf - DONT GIVE UP. The first week was so hard esp since my first was in special care and wouldnt latch on and the nurse kept on giving her similac but staying positive helped out so much. Plus ignore what people say about your bf; my family and inlaws were grossed out but with proper education and help from my birthing class helped me focus immensely.

flufnstuph's picture flufnstuph

so cute!!

sdstasica's picture sdstasica

That's such a pretty cover, and so practical too! Love it!