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jenirae00's picture jenirae00

This would be so awesome to have for my child.

adriannapallares's picture adriannapallares

Baking is a huge part of our family weekly activities. This is a great prize for any young chef!'s picture

My son is 2 1/2 and loves to help me cook and bake. I can't get him out of the kitchen when Im in there. I come from a family that loves to cook and bake. My brother is a head Chef at a college in Boston, MA. I really think that my lil man would go nuts if he got the cooking kit. He such a big helper to us, inside he's momma's side kick and outside he's all about working on tractors with his dad. Please Please consider him for this. I also have both my parents in a hospital right now and he is so upset that he can't see his Nonno and Nonna everyday. So this would definitely chair him up. Thank you in advance.

ducktorwho82's picture ducktorwho82

I like you on FB. My son would love this!

bored2quickly's picture bored2quickly

I like you on Facebook! I would absolutely love to win this for my son! He loves to help in the kitchen and this would be great for him! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!

trakzrevis's picture trakzrevis

Liked the facebook page. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity, good luck to everyone!

LaurKnotter's picture LaurKnotter

My son loves to help me cook, I would Love to win this!

wolfcrazy's picture wolfcrazy

my child loves to cook with me, this would be awesome for her

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modernsnob's picture modernsnob

my little chef would LOVE the Handstand Kids cooking items especially since she is starting to help mom more and more in the kitchen. She would use these everyday!!