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My 6 year old just finished his last game for Willamette Valley Pop Warner Football. Again there were blatant occurrences of face-masking that twisted at least 2 kid's heads. When I confronted our head coach, Paul Kasperek, who is also the president of the Springfield league he asked me what I expected they do about it. I suggested they at least make the player sit out for a given amount of time to illustrate the seriousness. He told me "it happens all throughout the league," and "if we were to penalize every player when it happened we wouldn't be able to play." So it is really that prevalent throughout this league? At my son's level (Tiny Mites) they teach the fundamentals. And this is what they are teaching them. The least we can do to teach our children by giving them a good old fashioned time out. Even if Pop Warner won't make an official policy, the coaches have the power to make that rule for their teams.