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KGBraff4's picture KGBraff4

And that's why you are awesome! :) Mattel doesn't get that this is not an issue specific to the people who aren't represented.

Erin D's picture Erin D

Thanks for the feedback, KGBraff4!

Bryan999's picture Bryan999

I support having Barbie party supplies for all races. You have to understand that blonde hair white Barbie is the original and logo. There is nothing wrong with Barbie being white, that is who she is. I can't find any white or black "Dora the explorer" party supplies I just can't. Because Dora is Hispanic, my black or white child can't have party supplies! There is no blonde hair or black super Mario . .? What's up with that?? I support black Barbie party supplies but don't accuse Mattel of being racist or close minded. They are simply using their most recognizable symbol, blonde Barbie.

Karen w's picture Karen w

: I contacted Mattel about 5 years ago looking for african American barbie party decorations for my niece birthday party (I wished I would have kept the email) their response was that they only distribute the african American barbie decorations every ( I forgot how many years they said). I know for a fact that it has been over 20 years for a distribution. My daughter had a african american barbie birthday party when she was about 4yrs old, she is now 26. I also still have the african American barbie sheets that I bought her over 20yrs ago. This is all to say how long is Matell going to take for the distribution. No this is not a race issue, I feel it's more about supply and demand.

The Evolving One's picture The Evolving One

I absolutely understand keeping the original brand in the forefront for marketing purposes etc.; However, anyone who has any basic knowledge of business also knows that it is a great and very smart decision to expand appeal in order to bring in more revenue. The main thing that makes it seem like an issue of race is: Why does there appear to be such procrastination on expanding the horizons of the Barbie image when many, MANY people who look absolutely nothing like Barbie, purchase their products.
Now, I know many people attempt to use race as an issue when it is of no such thing. If we can be aware of that, then it is only fair and reasonable to acknowledge that in many cases race IS an issue and many attempt to sweep it under the rug as if it dissipated into thin air post the civil rights era. To assume the latter is complete denial and/or ignorance. I am in no way saying Mattel is a company that is racist. I AM acknowledging the possibility based on the appearance.

The Evolving One's picture The Evolving One

Anyhow, thank you so much for this post! It is extremely refreshing to witness unity based on principle vs superficial appearance. Many blessings to any who fight against the grain of illusion, ignorance, fear and deception. PEACE!