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JingD's picture JingD

Wow! It is true just looking at how much we pay for our 4-yr old and 2-yr old. Even with two working parents, it is still not cheap.

domesticatemennonite's picture domesticatemennonite

Many of us are so consumed by the constant pursuit of stuff we forget wise advice. (mend/make do, means we spend more time together, less time earning/buying)
Financial math.. pay for haircuts or take family to amusement park. I learn a new skill and enjoy a park! Get bike trailer, etc, get fit while getting around... or hire sitter, pay gym.. etc.
Common sense. Hand me downs, used toys, libraries, home-made bubble solution/play-doh/ bread.. on and on. Becoming a parent means we are to be less selfish, with time, money, resources.

At no time in history has the average family been able to have a non-contributing spouse. People supplement income through an incredible variety of means. I've met Moms who... Baby-sit, sell tupperware, bake, sew, sketch from photos, music lessons, tutor, blog, piecework for a factory, garden, pet sit, and so on. Get creative folks, you've got it in you!