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This article is extremely interesting, as I myself dealt with a lot of the above mentioned things went I left home to pursue my bachelor's degree. I am now in graduate school and the pressures and stresses that are known to be present in college students is only doubled in graduate school plus additional pressures and stresses are added in the mix. It is definitely the support of my family and strong co-workers in graduate school with me that honestly gets me through each day.

While yes college students are known to "party all the time", for the ones who do not fit into that category are definitely faced with an increase amount of pressures and stresses in life.

Very interesting to read! Thank you for sharing!


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Entering college is really tough. In my experience, being away from home is hard on the first few months. It's a new environment, and new people. Next in line is the academic and peer pressure.
Harv Eker