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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

I remember that photo too, of the question about a doctor. I'm still surprised he got it wrong, since it isn't. My kids would probably say a principal, or daddy. :-)

I can't even imagine making the transition from elementary school, it seems like such a far off thing. Then I remember that B is at the halfway point and the first three years sure went quickly! It's such a big step, I'm so excited for L to be making it. Maybe in another few years you'll look back and be able to marvel at the progress from this point. I love the fact that the future holds so much untapped makes looking back easier for me somehow.

mouse's picture mouse

I remember that picture too and thinking that it shows L. has an understanding of the abbreviation. As a teacher, I try very hard to recognize when a student is technically correct, even if s/he has not given the answer I expected.

I was ordering prints yesterday since A. had a number of free ones that were expiring. The pictures only went back to J.'s birth, but even that had me taking a similar memory journey.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

L.'s second grade teacher (who was really good--she took so much time to try and understand Liam, and even read "Look Me in The Eye") was tickled by his answer, too.

I love your spirit and perspective, Omaha--you always have such a gentle, wonderful way of looking at the positives and I find it totally inspiring and helpful...