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Smart cookie! :-)

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Oh yes...!

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We're lucky to have evaluators in our district who tend to be amused by things like that, which is good since one hopes that people who have chosen to interact with kids can appreciate this sort of thing.

E. will be getting a re-evaluation soon. It's been 3 years, which is something of a standard time between testing sessions here. We were trying to track down some tips for dealing with the gap between his reading and comprehension abilities, and it was suggested that we do a full scale test to pinpoint some of the issues. We see it much as you do too. It helps to have sympathetic testers--our last group explained to us that they kept going on one test after he started missing a bunch to test his attention span; they also pointed out that he had gotten many more correct than would be expected for his age.

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This reminds me, mouse--I was going to look some resources up for you, wasn't I? Sorry I dropped the ball...

Part of the academic testing involved reading comprehension issues, so I'll be curious to find out what comes from this.

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I actually don't remember any more; short-term memory is still spotty, thanks to sleep deprivation. Luckily, this year has been relatively smooth, which means there's much less urgency to finding new solutions--we can take a little time and think about what we need, try out different possibilities, etc, without worrying about falling behind.

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Well, he did make good points on all those erroneously worded questions. Did he come away wondering perhaps how people who seemed to know less than he were going to adequately steer his path?

Seriously, I'm hoping for you all that he had sharp enough people doing it to follow him & know what to do for him.


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I haven't been ignoring you, somehow My following stuff has managed to fail to keep me updated & I wasn't aware of a whole bunch of your recent posts.

That will teach me to stop in more often.

I did see all the recent great photos on fb - charming!

Happy New year to you and all your family.


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Happy New Year! I hope you and your family are doing well...