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Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

That sounds like so much FUN! My B would absolutely go nuts, so would her brother, actually. If T is getting into chapter books, there is a series called Puppy Place. I believe the author is Ellen Miles. Each book is titled after the dog's name that it's written about. B has really gotten into this, it's the first series of books she's read independently. She talks about these books constantly and we've been so excited to see her so excited about reading on her own. Every book is the same little girl and her family, who foster dogs and find them homes. Good stuff. :-)

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

T. LOVES the Puppy Place books! She got a whole bunch of them for Christmas, so she know all about them! I like them, too--fun to read, and I like the good job the author does teaching kids about caring for animals, and encouraging them to think about what's best for them.

mouse's picture mouse

I'm in total agreement about mostly letting kids play. It makes for less stress and the kids still have all sorts of fun. Good luck and have a great party!

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Thanks! The party was a big success-kids had a great time!

alex1111's picture alex1111

Sorry for bringing this up here I just didnt know how to post a new question.I am divorced but remarried and I have two children, one with my ex and one with my current wife. My ex and I do not get along at all mostly because she lies to my son about me and because she has denied me visitation with my son and even hid him from me. My son is 11 years old and is about to turn 12 in 2 months. My current wife and I have a 6 year old daughter. I am usually only able to see my son during the summers for about 45 days. My wife just revealed to me something she witnessed this past summer. She found my daughter laying on top of my son o my bed one day while I was at work. She said she walked into the room and he quickly got my daughter off him. My wife asked what was going on and my daughter said that her brother told her to get on top of him to watch tv. My wife admonished my son and told him that he is never to tell his sister anything like that again. He said he wouldn’t do it again.

alex1111's picture alex1111

My wife said she did not see anything taking place simply that my daughter was laying on top of him but that it bothered her. She and I have had problems with him and his discipline and she decided not to tell me anything about the incident until now. I do not want to think that anything perverted was taking place and logically I don’t think this would be the case but there is still a slight chance in my mind that there was something going on perverted or curiosity or otherwise. I am heartbroken about this incident and I have not yet spoken to my son or his mother about it. Because of all the problems I have had with my ex, I feel guilty that I have not more involved in my son's life in order to prevent this situation from happening. I can't help but to look at my daughter and cry. I love them both dearly and I do not want this to ever have taken place but I know I cannot ignore it or dismiss it.

alex1111's picture alex1111

I feel so much anger towards my son and so much love at the same time. I am also feeling so much anger at my wife and my ex. I know that I feel anger towards my ex because I think she lies to my son and because I do not think she is a good mother, but I am unsure about my anger feelings towards my wife. I love her deeply but I feel that she has stepped in the way of my relationship between my son and I. Not because of this incident but because of other issues prior to this incident. Quite honestly I just don't know what to do...

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Alex1111--I think you might have meant to post this to one of the discussion forums...but I will say that it's fairly normal for kids your son's age to experiment with different roles/feelings etc. although it has to made clear that this is NOT acceptable. So I wouldn't feel your son is some terrible person for asking your daughter to lie on top of him, and please don't hate him--kids need us to delineate the boundaries for them--that's what we're here for. He needs to be gently but very firmly told never to do that type of thing again, and it sounds like he understands that.

I think the big issue you seem be grappling with is your relationship with your wife--I think talking openly and honestly about all your issues and worries is the best place to start.

You might want to repost this to one of the discussion boards for more feedback...