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It's funny, isn't it, to be your adult self in your childhood places. Feels good, but also strange.
B's letter this year to Santa said "Dear Santa, you smell like candy. I love you." She left a little bell for him with the cookies and milk. :0) It's been a wonderful year. Except for this morning, when I'm trying to dig out from the mess! We've had no snow here this year, B thinks it doesn't snow in Kearney. That we've moved to a different climate. At this time last year we'd had two huge storms in Omaha. They got sleds from Santa, I just hope they get a chance to use them!

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I grew up in and attended university in the same town too. Then A. and I lived there for another few years. Going back is a weird mix of return and reminder that I can't go back since a lot has changed. One of the things that always gets me the most is the parking structure at the edge of campus and other ways they've changed the entryway to campus.

E. fell asleep quickly Christmas Eve (both by sheer will and the help of melatonin). Last night, he struggled with leftover excitement (and still not having built all the Legos) and was up until 11 or so.I'm glad we have the rest of the week to settle back in and let Christmas slowly recede.

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I love what she wrote to Santa, and the fact that she left him a little bell!

We've started giving L. melatonin again, Mouse, and thank goodness he was asleep by 10:00 on Christmas Eve. Last year we had to wait until 11:30 before we could bring the gifts up out of the basement!