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chrissygreenny's picture chrissygreenny

I've re-registered so I can comment now!

Isn't homework a tricky thing? I am like you--rote busy work on photocopied worksheets are rarely useful. But interesting, engaging projects can really spark something in a child and teach valuable lessons.

ps--We had avocado milkshakes yesterday-YUM!

Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

It's so interesting to me how widely opinions can vary on the topic. I had students that I had to CREATE homework for (I wasn't much for assigning homework, I liked kids to finish their work at school and then have their night at home for home things). The parents wanted their kids to have something to do. I can't imagine ever WANTING my kids to have homework to do, but we do our best when they do have work. Luckily B is happy to have homework most of the time and usually gets it dones independently. But we've definitely had our nights where it results in tears, not wanting to do it, or being too tired to get it finished. Not fun.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Yay Christine! Weren't the avocado shakes/smoothies great? Yum--I'm craving one now.

our kids are in school for SO long as elementary school kids--T. doesn't get home until 4:00 pm! She is cheerful about her homework, but I hate to imagine how taxing it would be on her to have to spend an hour on homework on top of spending 6 1/2 hours each day at school. When both my k ids get home they are so happy to just be home. T. and I do crafts, or read together, or cook dinner together. Kids need this unwinding time--time away from the noise and chaos of the school setting. L. is mentally tapped out to the utmost degree when he gets home. It's painful for him to re-engage with schoolwork and I'm not going to add to his anxiety levels by battling it out with him each night just so he can complete daily work. We "bundle" his math homework so he works on a couple night's work with his tutor, but we certainly don't sit down each night and expect him to produce.