the_tars's picture the_tars

I hope that she will get to take her pet home safe and sound.

I, too, love those moments where they can step outside their own worry/pain/ect and see into someone else's.

Omaha Mama's picture Omaha Mama

I'm so glad that Willa is home and healing. This story had me emotional! I know that feeling all too well, when you are just trying to accomplish something and the roadblocks present test after test. I'm so impressed with your T, good for you for pointing out that you were worried for someone else when you were feeling sad too. It sets such a wonderful example for your kids.

Aliki McElreath's picture Aliki McElreath

Thanks...what a day it was, indeed. It really truly did feel like a test.

Willa is continuing to do well--and is much more mobile today, thank goodness.